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DMV Checklists

Going to the California DMV for a test? Keep reading. All Checklists - help handling the CA DMV.

Are you a minor who's headed to the DMV for a permit test or drive test? Then you'll want to make sure you are fully prepared before you leave home. Too many times students and parents complain that they arrived at the CA DMV ill prepared and are forced to leave and come back another day. For example, many people leave the DMV frustrated because they:
  • Forgot to bring the proper forms needed to take their permit test
  • Didn't know they had to schedule an appointment for certain services
  • Failed to bring vehicle registration and insurance forms for a drive test
  • Showed up with a car not fit for the DMV road test
  • Didn't have the proper signature on their permit or DMV certificates
  • Showed up too early or before they were eligible to take a test
  • Forgot to bring proper identification or money for fees

Make sure you're prepared by reading our checklists: Test Checklists

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Provisional Driver License

Drivers Ed Testimonials

Thank you for this update. My daughter is already driving on the road along with traffic. She is doing really well. I am amazed with how well she is doing after just one lesson from your company. She especially liked the instructor. I will set up her next lesson soon. Thank you.

- Mission Hills Parent

- - - - - - -   

"I am Peter's father and would like to state that Scott Weatherby is an excellent representative for your organization. I drove along with Scott and Peter on his third lesson and found Scott to be a wonderful, calm, friendly and expert driving instructor.

I would not hesitate to recommend him and your organization fully and unconditionally."

- Topanga Parent

- - - - - - -   

"Katie successfully passed her driver's test yesterday. Thank you very much for all the time and effort you put into teaching her how to drive safely. I will definitely recommend you to other parents."

- Sherman Oaks Parent

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