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DMV drive test tips so you can pass the first time. Road Test Guide - Before you go to the CA DMV.

    Be prepared! The number one reason people do not pass their drive test is lack of experience. Just like any other challenging skill in life, driving takes practice, practice, and more practice. Repetition is everything, so get out their and drive as much as you can before your test day.

    Be honest with yourself. You will know if you're ready for your license when you can answer yes to the following questions:
    • Do I know what to do in all driving situations? If there is an emergency vehicle? If the traffic lights aren't working? If a dog runs in front of your car?
    • Are you a defensive driver? Do you know what to do if another vehicle is about to hit you? How to deal with other bad drivers?
    • Can you drive without your parent's help? Or do they still have to give you driving advice, or worse yet, are they still yelling at you for mistakes you're making?
    • Can you drive in any traffic condition? Rush hour? Rain? Night time? Fog?
    • Did you pass your simulated DMV driving test given by your driving school?
    Road Test Checklists

    Know your test area. Even if you're a good driver, chances are you'll be a little nervous on your test day. By getting comfortable with your drive test area beforehand, you can help eliminate the element of uncertainty. Drive around, see what the posted speed limits are, make turns at all the major intersections, find school zones, etc.

    Know the test routine. While a licensed DMV driving school cannot show you the exact test route you will drive on your road test, they can give you a pretty good idea of what to expect. They can explain all of the skills tested by the DMV, illustrating what is and what is not included on the test. They can also demonstrate common minor violations and the automatic fails that several students encounter.

    Make sure your car is up to snuff. If you choose to not to schedule a DMV test appointment through your driving school, then you are responsible for bringing a test worthy vehicle to the DMV for your test. The DMV will inspect brakes, lights, tires and other safety elements on your vehicle before allowing the test to start. If your car or truck doesn't meet the DMV standards you will be asked to leave and come back another day.

    Get a good night of rest and eat breakfast. Make sure you're refreshed and ready to go on test day. The more alert you are, the better driver you'll be.

    Relax and be friendly. Your DMV examiner wants you to pass the test. Don't be scared of them, they are there to give you feedback and determine if you'll be safe on the roads when you start to drive by yourself. If they don't pass you, don't take it personally - it just means you need more practice.

    Smart Tip:
    Take a DMV Refresher lesson to discover the inner workings of the DMV road test. This two hour course is "the most comprehensive DMV drive test prep lesson" available. Simulate road tests, works on problematic areas, and discuss auto fails and critical driving errors... DMV Test Refresher Information

    Schedule the same day DMV Test Preparation lesson to increase your chances of having a DMV test success. We pick you up from home on your test day for a little practice and fine tuning of your driving issues. Then it's off to a CA DMV where you take the entire DMV road test in our driver's training vehicle. We'll help you ace the pre-drive test and give you the boost you need to increase your chances of passing... DMV Road Test Preparation
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Drivers Ed Testimonials

"Thank you for the report. Just wanted to let you know that she easily passed the test on Tuesday. Your driving instructors have all been great. Helpful and informative. The whole experience with your company has really been wonderful and I have recommended you to the parents of most of her friends."

- Pacific Palisades Parent

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