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License Checklist (minors)

"What do I bring to the DMV to get my drivers license?" Drive Test - Before you go to the CA DMV.

    ž Provide proof that you've completed driver education (usually your instructor signed driving permit).

    ž Show proof of driver training completion (often called your "gold slip") We mail this to you 1 business day after you complete your drivers training lessons.

    ž Hold your learner permit for at least six months (make sure the issued date on your permit is a minimum of 6 months ago before going to take the road test).

    ž Make sure a parent or guardian's signature is on your instruction permit verifying that you've completed the required 50 hours of supervised driving, of which 10 hours were done at night.

    ž Bring certificates Bring both a) valid auto insurance and b) proof of registration for the vehicle you take to the DMV for testing.

    ž If you are retesting for a second or third time, you will have to pay a small retest fee at the DMV. If this is your first drive test as a minor you will not pay any additional fees at the time of testing.

    ž If you have everything you need to go to the DMV, you must call 1-800-777-0133 between normal DMV business hours Monday through Friday to schedule a drive test appointment. Depending on the season you may have to wait a few days or sometimes weeks to get an open appointment time.

    Smart Tip:
    Sign up for a DMV refresher course to discover the ins and outs of the DMV test. This two hour course is "the most comprehensive DMV road test prep course" available. Simulate tests, works on problem areas, and discuss automatic fails and critical driving errors... DMV Test Refresher Information

    Schedule the same-day DMV Test Preparation service to help handle your DMV test with success. We pick you up on your test day for a little practice to settle your nerves and fine-tune your weak points. Then it's off to the DMV where you take the entire DMV road test in our driver's training vehicle. We'll help you ace the pre-drive test and give you the boost you need to increase your chances of passing... DMV Road Test Preperation
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Provisional Driver License

For New Drivers

Drivers Ed Testimonials

"It was my sister’s recommendation to take driving lessons from Drivers Ed Direct and so I did. I was really nervous at first but because of very good, professional, and experienced instructors (Giovanni and Mike), as the lessons went by, I got more comfortable and confident.

I would recommend to take the driver’s refresher course. The two hour lessons helped me prepare for the actual driving test by going over to the actual DMV site where I am to take the test…the lesson prepared me as it was exactly the way the test was conducted and gained more familiarity of the actual area of the test."

- West Los Angeles Parent

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