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DMV Permit Test

Hints and tips to help you pass the learner permit test. Permit Test Hints for the CA DMV.

    It's called Driver's Education! Take advantage of and absorb the information from your driver's education course. Believe it or not, every question that will appear on your permit test will be covered thoroughly in your driver's education course (if it is a DMV approved course).

    Take DMV practice tests. Get your hands on as many practice DMV tests that you can. Our online driver's ed courses comes with an unlimited number of practice DMV tests. These permit tests are 46 questions long and are made up from a pool of over 200 test questions. You'll never get the exact same test twice!

    Ummm..Can you say Handbook? If you haven't already read it at least once, get a copy of the California DMV handbook and READ IT! Every single question that will show up on your DMV permit test can be found in the CA handbook.DMV Test Hints

    Be a smart test taker. The permit test at the DMV is a 46 question multiple choice test, each test question usually having 4 possible answers. When you read each question, immediately look for the bogus choices and cross them off. That will usually narrow down your choices to two possible answers. If you're not sure what the correct answer is, skip it and go back to it later. Often times you will find the answer to a skipped question hidden in another future question.

    When you go back to answer skipped questions and you're still not sure what the answer is, go with your gut feeling about which answer makes the most logical sense.

    Take your time and double check your answers. Don't rush when you take your permit test. Many people answer questions wrong because they misread the question. Look out for words like "not" or "except for" when reading questions, these words will often make it obvious what the answer is. Also, go back and double check your answers when you are finished. Any unanswered questions will be counted as wrong.

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"We chose Drivers Ed Direct for our training because it was recommended by our high school, and most importantly had a certified on-line driver's education class for obtaining a permit. Our experience with your website & customer service staff was very good. In terms of your instructor's quality of instruction & personality, it was very good and they were all constructive and patient. Christine improved after every lesson with you and we would refer you to our family & friends."

- Westlake Village Parent

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