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Learners Permit

Steps to getting your California Learner's Permit for teens.

Get Driver's Ed Certificate 1) Be at least 15 years of age.

2) Fill out the DMV permit application form available at the CA DMV only.

3) Bring driver's education completion certificate. You get this when you take online driver's ed (get drivers ed certificate here).

4) Bring proper identification to the DMV (usually your original birth certificate).

5) Show proof of enrollment in driver's training classes (get proof of driving school enrollment here).

6) Have your social security card on hand.

7) Pay the DMV application fee of about $30 (subject to change).

8) Pass en eye test of your vision

9) Take the DMV written permit test and pass.

10) Have your picture taken and go home with your learner permit!

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Provisional Driver License

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"I'm done with my first quiz! I like this site because it lets me go at my own pace and i don't have to rush! I can also take the time to understand everything! It doesn't add to my homework because if i already have a lot of homework i don't have to do drivers ed for that night! Thanks so much!"
- Lauren

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