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Go to high school in Chatsworth? Chatsworth Driving School.

Looking for a Chatsworth driving school? If you live in Chatsworth, attend high school at Chatsworth HS, or go to Sierra Canyon High School then has the ideal drivers education program for you! With the assistance of Drivers Ed Direct, the leading Chatsworth Driving School provider, Chatsworth high school students can get the quality education their parents will love and that they can afford. Here's why out teen students also enjoy our driving school benefits:

    Our Chatsworth Driving School, CA drivers ed curriculum can be done completely online. That means you never have to leave the comfort of your Chatsworth home!

    Going to the Winnetka DMV? Our Chatsworth Driving School is licensed by all CA DMVs and our online driving school education course is DMV approved!

    Our office is in Chatsworth - which means your certificate processing is done fast and you can even arrange pick up from our local office if you call ahead of time.

    Get FREE practice tests designed to help you succeed come test day at the DMV - take hundreds of unique practice tests, free of charge, until you feel ready to pass your test. Practice tests are included with your DMV approved online course

Get The Chatsworth Driving School Everyone is Talking About

Chatsworth Driving Lessons Chatsworth High and Sierra Canyon HS students already know which Chatsworth driving school uses all Prius hybrid and Ford Escape Hybrid training vehicles because literally hundreds of Chatsworth students have already taken our driving school lessons, offered by Drivers Ed Direct . It's easy to see why so many Chatsworth teens and their parents choose us for their driving school needs:

    Best driving instructors in the car - Students love our patient and friendly approach. Parent love our experience and driving knowledge

    Get the Chatsworth Driving School that puts safety first with our up-to-date vehicles; choose a safety equipped Hybrid Prius or Hybrid SUV

    When you sign up with, get a nice built in discount off of your driving school in Chatsworth

Are you ready to start Drivers Ed in Chatsworth?

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